Converting from sketchup to DXF for others to view

IMAGE from meshlab

Converting file types is commonly an issues, especially when going from a vector to a mesh based to a polygon or line based system.  However it is possible to take Sketchup format and convert to DXF following some careful steps:

The easy way

  1. Download Google Sketchup 8
  2. Download and install the Sketchup DXF/STL output plugin 
  3. Center your part at the origin using the move command (or people in Autocad won’t find it)
  4. Select all parts to export
  5. Export as DXF with units in mm and “polymesh”
The hard way (this will test if your design is full-proof).  If the 3D structure is easily ruined in conversion, then there are hidden errors and it is better to know they are there then find out late.
  1. Download Autocad 2012 student version (Free)
  2. Download Meshlab (free)
  3. Download Google Sketchup 8
  4. Download and install the Sketchup DXF/STL output plugin 
  5. Select all parts and export as above in mm but select STL
  6. Import STL to meshlab.
  7. Export to DXF
  8. Import in Autocad
  9. Center the part, select grayscale and save as DXF or DWG.



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