DC Robotics

DC robotis

Last Thursday, we participated in the second ever meeting of the DC Robotics meetup. It was great to meet other people with similar passions and interest in technology. It was an impressive group of individuals and I look forward to future meetings.

It took place at the unexpectedly sleek and inviting offices of iStrategyLabs, an inventive marketing company. Sleek tables, laptops, and colorful chairs decorated the open space. As we presented our crazy robotic ideas, the marketing staff stood in the kitchen working on their laptops late into the evening.

Here’s a list of some of the great projects that were presented and discussed by group members:
Robot Operating System (ROS) and Gazebo simulator
RGB-D sensors (Kinect, Xtion)
Drawing robot
Robotic strawberry picker
Robotic coffee maker
Lilypad Arduino and LED signal hoodie for bikers
Social Machine
Inexpensive RF communciation

In the next meeting, I have told one of the members I would help them scan in members with reconstructMe and print out 3D models of them! Should be lots of fun! I’m hoping these meetings will broaden our network of people that will share ideas and resources to help move our robotics projects forward.

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