Decapede has arrived, with Reprap expansion

2013-05-22 12.32.07

Ever wanted to control 10 stepper motors at once?  8 dc motors, fans, light switches, or heat sources?  How about a 20 amp heat source?  How about 7 thermistors?

How about…ALL of the above and at the same time with lots of continuous current output?

We wanted it, and thought you might too.  So we created the Industries3D brand with its first product as the Decapede + Reprap expansion, that can do all of the above (website in development). Although, total current load limits depends on the type and number of devices connected, it should be more than enough for even the extreme user.  Today we received our first professional prototype of this board, and it looks and feels of the highest quality boards we’ve seen.  And in case you were doubting it, it is open source, and lead-free.

Currently we acquired the G3D stepstick gerbers and also received those prototypes.  However, we do not feel confident about the performance of A4988 motor drivers as we once did, so now we are looking into the pololu stepstick replacement based on DRV8825 which has great reviews.  Our goal is to give you at least 1.5 amp outputs with 2 amp peak with no chance of failure or need for active cooling (12V-24V).

There are also a few minor details to sort out as far as board component orientation.  But if all works out as planned, this board would be on sale at a great crowd-source funded maximum reward tier of around $249 for an Arduino Mega + Decapede + Reprap Expansion + 10 DRV8825-like boards (2AMP safe output), and within about one month.  We still have to fully test and develop this board to ensure it will work for our potential users’ applications.

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