Confectioner Art Machine

We have developed a 2D edible powdered art printer.  It can be used to print beautiful patterns onto food and drink products.  This was originally inspired by OnLatte, however, the goal was to improve on speed and the general food compatibility of materials.  It may be easier to print with liquid caramel, but printing in powder was never possible before because nozzles would get clogged – and this is something we solved at ArmaniCreations.  Also, where resolution was considered an advantage for OnLatte, we consider a lower minimum resolution (but high step resolution) to be an advantage, because it forces the user to print more crisp abstract shapes – and honestly, who really wants to ruin a photo realistic printout by eating it?

A 2D edible power printer can be used to decorate cakes with colored 10X granulated sugars an starches, coffees with cocoa or cinnamon, beer with finely ground hops powder – the possibilities are as limitless as your imagination.