Decapede Electronics

Decapede Electronics is a low-cost 10 stepper motor controller and driver.  A 20 amp 24VDC driver is also added for one standard drive motor. It is fully open source, and compatible with Arduino mega 2560 boards, all revisions.  We will also release an open source firmware based on sprinter than accepts Arduino version 1.01.

A reprap expansion board also allows for 8 controlled outputs like fans, and 8 thermistor reads.  It was developed and funded by Armanicreations and Industries3D.

Decapede comes out of a need to have a single, simple, and easy to program system for stepper motors.  Ideal applications include:

  • Driving complex robotics with central drive motor
  • Assembling remote control system
  • Low cost factory automation
  • Multi axis CNC machines
  • General robotics prototyping
  • Testing 3D printers/RepRaps with multiple extruders or mixing nozzles
  • Multi-Color 3Dprinters
  • Scaling of 3D printouts (one computer, one driver board, one printer, but 5 extruders for 5 prints at a time)

We are open to your design suggestions for future revisions.  Many have suggested the use of an ARM processor and PIC drivers to allow for greater processing power and we are looking into it.


  • Designer and principal: Michael Armani (Reprap user Simba)
  • Designer: David Jones
  • Elecontrics Designer: Am Miram
  • Electronics Designer: Miroslav Mrdjan
  • Naming the device: Reprap user Ugen