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In 2012 we set out to expand 3D printing by creating amazing new printer materials.  These materials, including the likes of Delrin, wax, and conductive polymers have never been seen before and could enable amazing new applications for both prototype and production 3D printers.  When multiple different materials are coupled together, amazing product can be made for the first time.

We started by trying to create novel 1.75mm clear rubber copolymer filament.  It would be super innovative and useful because rubber is rarely thermoplastic (meaning it can be used like a hot glue gun), because most rubbers are cured and crosslinked irreversibly.  For an ongoing discussion, visit the reprap forum page on this time.

However because of the challenges of existing 3D printer designs, we discovered an opportunity to develop an entirely new industry-shaking technology, to extrude rubber from pellet form.  We will be revealing the technology in *2013 as a production ready prototype.  Stay tuned!