Paid Internship for makers and engineers at Armanicreations (Bethesda, MD)


We are looking for a Maker or hobbyist that would be interested in working with a start-up on the next generation of 3D printers.  This is a money maker, a resume builder, and eye opening internship/mentorship experience.  There is also opportunity for full time employment if the product launch is as successful as we expect it to be.

There is also the opportunity to earn a 3D printer for free (super state of the art, pellet dispensing, worth ~ $4000), depending on the amount of work done and the person’s qualifications.  Please have them email info AT with a resume & short statement of interest or hobby background and innovative side-projects.  Please also include pictures of real-world prototypes you have worked on, or a link to your portfolio.

Dr. Michael Armani, Founder

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