Project Ideas

We come up with many ideas here at Armani Creations, and we are racking up a list almost 1000 ideas long now… however, after over a decade of ideation, we found common themes and that ideas “circle back” to their origins over and over.  We hope to work on these projects in the near future.

Blog posts with new project ideas:


New project idea – Low cost 3D wax printer

Posted on Oct 8th, 2012 - By Michael Armani - 0 Comments

Dave sent this video and also found that 3D wax printers are about $45K.  There printers only print one material.  They are however, ideal for create a lost-wax casting mold, which is great for making jewelry.  In fact, the main attraction to this…

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Ideas for new filament printing materials

Posted on Sep 25th, 2012 - By Michael Armani - 0 Comments

Ideas for new filaments have been brewing at ArmaniCreations for almost a month, since the realization that 3D printers could make fully functional, commercially competitive products in the future, but that it would require a bundle of new materials.  To…

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After Acetone and Sanding

Fully Automated Electronics Board Maker

Posted on Sep 25th, 2012 - By David - 0 Comments

Traditionally, if you need to create a circuit, you'd use a breadboard for testing, then do a short run with an electronics manufacturer. It costs about $50 or so to and 3 days to make a single board from an online service. If you want 10, you might be able…

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The Future is even cooler than you imagined! The 6 “Holy” Pillars of 3D Printing!

Posted on Sep 8th, 2012 - By Michael Armani - 0 Comments

The origins of RepRap, as suggested by the wikipedia article, are to make a machine that can mostly print itself. Mostly print itself? So why stop there?  Well, three of us got to thinking and quickly realized that, while it is far fetched, there is no…

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Selected future project ideas:

  • An Arduino Uno to Mach3 converter (pay $30 instead of $150 to control a 3D printer, CNC machine, lathe, etc.)
  • An ultra-modern spelling and grammar checker.  This checker uses crowd sourcing to find patterns in any language that reveal errors and oddities where a traditional speal checkr wouldn’t.
  • Precious metal reclamation from recycled electronics.
  • A magnetorheological heat pump.
  • Farming truffles in culture flasks.
  • A music recycler – a device that recycles data in songs in a way that is only subconscious to your brain – allowing you to enjoy new songs for more repeats before you get bored of them.
  • Adaptive, spray-on sun-activated tint for windows.
  • An automated brick over pizza store.
  • A light-powered gnat and mosquito repellent for the outdoors.
  • An in-field isothermal PCR diagnostic, which solidifies as gel or changes color visibly to indicate a diagnostic (and control) response.
  • Edible glow in the dark food coloring
  • A capactive “biefield-brown” levitation machine, enhanced with brushless thrusters and modern gyroscopic stabilizers.