Cloud Solar Inc.

Cloud Solar Inc. was incorporated in Maryland in 2010, after co-founders Michael and Ramik won second place at the UMD business plan contest, hosted by MTECH.  Later that year, a third member, Kevin also joined the team.  The company developed a novel black-fluid solar collector which produced inefficiencies that were 10% higher than the state of the art.  In 2012 Cloud-Solar Inc. received a preliminary review from the North Carolina Solar Certification Center showing instantaneous solar thermal collector efficiencies as high as 90%.

In addition, Cloud Solar developed a novel fluidized bed phase change material technology, which can enhance thermal storage in water tanks by as much as 300%.   This technology was installed in an apartment wide solar thermal system on 13th and Monroe St NW, D.C., and is still functioning to this day to improve the performance of the system.  For more information, please see the site (Opens a new tab/window).