Robotic Harvesting


Vesca Robotics is pioneering exciting new technology for robotic harvesting. Our advanced robotics and computer vision techniques will make it possible for automated systems to harvest delicate fresh-market crops.

Since the 1960s, farmers have dreamed of better harvesting methods. Over the years, there has been much success in mechanical (blind) harvesting. Yet, there are certain crops that are nearly impossible to harvesting mechanically. Some reasons include: plant damage, fruit damage, and crops that do not ripen uniformly. For such crops, robotic harvesting is the only solution.

Technology has come a long way over the past few decades. Low-cost electronics, improving computer vision, and new machine learning techniques have put robotic harvesting just within reach. It is no longer a matter of feasibility, but how soon it will happen. Vesca Robotics is determined to be the first to create a commercially-viable robotic harvester.

We are pushing the envelope of technology and human achievement. The future of technology and our company is exciting. If computer vision, machine learning or robotics excite you, we want to talk to you!¬†We’re hiring. Please see our Careers Page for more details.


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